So, it’s time for a remodeling project! Bringing some modern updates into your kitchen or bathroom can really make an impact. Although it can be quite the undertaking, you can achieve your dream remodel and come in (gasp) under budget!

Are you dreaming of a white marble bathroom countertop or small kitchen island? Incorporating natural stones like marble and granite into your remodel project isn’t out of the question. The durability and beautiful aesthetic of natural stone make it a perfect finishing touch to your project. But, before you search for granite slabs online, consider this; at Tithof Tile & Marble, we have an extensive library of natural stone remnants, kept for the sole purpose of offering quality material for smaller budgets.

What’s a natural stone remnant?

The buyers at Tithof and other wholesale importers go to quarries around the world and hand select materials, theses are typically in the form of huge blocks or already cut into slabs. The slabs are then shipped to us and available to our customers for large projects. Though many choose to use granite, marble or quartz to create the master bath or kitchen of their dreams, these tend to be large-sized pieces of stone and require full slab purchases. Remnants essentially are the leftovers of these larger slabs of stone, pieces that were cut off and not used in the creation of counters, backsplashes or any other home reno project.

When a fabricator orders stone slabs for a specific project, it must be ordered in full slab increments of approximately 60 sq. feet per slab, we as the fabricator pay for the entire amount ordered.  As the granite, marble, quartz, etc. is installed, and cut to size; the slabs leftover are put back into inventory as remnants for resale.

Primary benefit of natural stone remnants

The most important benefit of choosing stone remnants is cost efficiency.  Because the remaining material is technically a loss and we have already pre-paid for these leftover pieces, we’re able to offer it to new customers like you at significantly reduced rates.

Remnants are less expensive than selecting wholesale natural stone, typically only available in full slabs, allowing you to choose a color and variety of material you like without going over-budget.

Ways to use your remnants

There are many ways to incorporate stone remnants into your remodeling project. These versatile and affordable pieces can be used throughout your home in any room of your choice. Here are a few pieces of inspiration to get you started:

  1. Bathroom – Do you want to update your bathroom shower, tub or vanity? Use a stone remnant to create a beautiful backsplash behind your sink and underneath your mirror. Or, if you find thinner remnant slabs, you can even turn those pieces into gorgeous shelves.
  2. Kitchen Turn your remnant piece into a tile backsplash for your kitchen counters. It’s a contemporary look, while also keeping your walls safe from water and general kitchen grime. We can create a tile appearance by scoring lines into a full slab or cutting the slab into a classic 3 x 6 subway size.
  3. Dining room Ready to update that dining area where all of those special meals are shared? Use a larger remnant or two and make a brand new tabletop for your dining room. What about an antique hutch that is beyond repair, a marble top brings new life to grandma’s heirloom.
  4. Laundry room With typically smaller countertops, your laundry room makes a perfect remnant candidate. Use stone pieces for a small countertop, folding top, drying niche, or as a splash behind your machines to add a clean, classic look.

Whether you’ve let one of the above ideas inspire you, or you’ve got your own remnant plan in place, this affordable remodel addition will help to update any room. Come walk the yard at Tithof Tile & Marble in Kenosha, Wisconsin and check out our rows of remnants. They’re just waiting for a fun and unique purpose in your next project!