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Slabsmith Process at Tithof Tile & Marble

Slabsmith™ redefines the possibilities and potentials when working with both natural and quartz stone products.

Beginning with proprietary calibration techniques, Slabsmith produces highly accurate digital slabs from physical slabs. Slabsmith digital slabs are true to life in both color and dimension and contain all relevant properties of the original slab.

Creating ‘Digital Slabs’™ – Everything depends on the digital slab.
It’s easy to be misled into thinking of the creation of a digital slab as nothing more than making a pretty picture. In reality, nothing could be further from the truth. The biggest difference between a nice picture of a slab, and a Slabsmith digital slab is accuracy. Slabsmith’s Slab Maker™ module uses proprietary calibration technology that insures that the digital slabs that it creates are accurate in every important detail.

Dimensional accuracy – When a Slabsmith photo station is calibrated using Slabsmith’s calibration routines, the resulting digital slab is accurate dimensionally to a millimeter or less. This accuracy goes beyond just the length and width if the slab; in fact, any random point on the slab is correct. Virtually all distortions that result from the camera position, or lens aberrations are eliminated.

Color accuracy – Slabsmith assures that the color of the slab is accurate and consistent from slab to slab. Even small variations in color can be seen during the layout process when properly calibrated. Slabsmith’s color reproduction allows you to see the subtlest of color variations at seams even when used with ‘uniform colored’ quartz products!

With Slabsmith you get a true “What you see, is what you get” experience every time!

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