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The final touch

One final detail goes into choosing a new countertop, and it makes for quite the finishing touch. Before your countertop is custom fabricated, we’ll prepare the edge by machining it into the profile of your choice.

Because we take our edge profiles very seriously, we encourage you to do the same especially because, as they say “design is in the details.”  Subsequently, the shape of your countertop’s edge can have a big effect on functionality, impacting everything from safety to cleaning. It’s the surface you’ll come into contact with most as you move through and use your kitchen, so its shape matters. For the safety conscious and practical consumer, we suggest a 1/2” radius on outside corners to protect your hip or your little ones head. However, if design aesthetic is your winner we recommend a 3/16” radius for a crisp, contemporary feel.

Straight edges are very popular, such as our square slight radius top and bottom. The edge is not sharp, but rounded slightly at top and bottom to best protect the stone from impact damage and chatter along the top edge. The profiling of your edge can be as detailed or simple as you’d like. With a basic understanding of our available countertop edges, you can add any level of detail to your project. Feel free to view our extensive library of edge profiles for reference. We are happy to work with you on a custom edge as well. In every aspect of our work at Tithof, we thrive on custom projects and new challenges.

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