You’ve picked your cabinets, flooring, lighting and countertops, now after all of those decisions you are stumped on what to do for the final element to tie all of your painstaking previous choices together. A kitchen or bathroom backsplash can make or break a design look.

A backsplash holds the pop of color in a neutral kitchen, or balances out the calming feel in a soft master bath. Having said that, the backsplash decision could be considered the most important one of your kitchen or bathroom design. So, we advocate you not take the decision lightly and turn to an expert at Tithof! Wherever your splash project is, we’re here to break down the 5 most popular tile backsplashes we’ve installed lately.

Water jet mosaics

This type of tile backsplash is intricately cut with wet jet saw technology, producing designs that are pieced together like a gorgeous puzzle. With our Fusion Waterjet saw cutting machine, Tithof Tile is able to cut intricate shapes in a wide variety of materials including stone, porcelain and glass. This computerized tool helps to navigate the tile curves and delicate intricate details, allowing endless artistic options.

Herringbone & chevron

If you want your backsplash to embody tons of texture, a herringbone or chevron tile design may work perfectly. This style is really trending right now, perhaps because of its versatility and simple geometric look. Herringbone and chevron are really similar in that they play with various sized rectangular pieces, but are arranged in more zigzag patterning reminiscent of classic men’s suiting fabrics. They’re perfectly cut and staggered slightly so that the end of one meets the other.

Ceramic subway

This backsplash option is proving to be one on of ‘the classics’ and most beloved tile designs to date. Appropriately named (as you can guess) because of the identical tiling found in NYC subway tubes.

Subway tiles are typically installed horizontally and often have a glossy finish, perfect for accenting any kitchen countertop, be it a busy or very neutral design. Try tiling all the way to the ceiling or install in a stack pattern or vertically to give this classic look a fresh and more modern take.

Custom mosaic

Looking for a design that’s as unique as you are? We say, if you have the budget for it, go for it! Custom mosaic tiles are expertly trimmed, piece-by-piece and made into a stunning design that’s uniquely yours.

We can work directly with you, consulting our tile design partners, to create your custom mosaic tile backsplash. The sky’s the limit!

Glass tiles

A glass tile backsplash is a lovely way to add visual depth to your kitchen. They can be arranged in a variety of patterns, which add even more style and design to your project. For you cleaning buffs, rest assured, glass tiles are incredibly easy to clean…not to mention often inexpensive and very versatile, allowing for traditional or contemporary styling within one medium.

If you’d like to go in a completely different direction, you can also always consider natural stone/slab splashes for your home project as well! Like tile, slabs are cut to the desired size and are actually pretty easy to install. Just see where your imagination takes you and we’ll do the rest.