Something exciting is happening here at Tithof Tile & Marble…. we’re proud to introduce Tithof’s new quartz collection: EVOLVE. In our industry, the best that nature and man have to offer has long been branded as engineered quartz. We are so excited to share this collection with you.

EVOLVE is our curated, in-house collection of quartz slabs, currently with nearly 40 color variations and even more to come! This collection has just emerged and is already causing lots of buzz! But before we reveal our stunning collection, let’s get back to basics and explore all that is quartz.

Engineered quartz is a manmade product, typically comprised of ground quartz and flexible, pigmented resins; all formed into durable, nonporous slabs. What’s better than a durable and aesthetically breathtaking kitchen countertop? One with an incredibly low environmental impact. Quartz is an abundant material, and the finished product is nontoxic. The strength of quartz naturally makes it resilient to abrasions, dents, scratches and acid stains. Resilient is the word of the day…not indestructible. Do not have a false sense of security, ask questions, and educate yourself on the product limitations and available warranties/coverages.

Colors & styles

Engineered quartz is manmade which typically means more control over color and patterning. Unlike quartzite with natural and inconsistent colors and patterns, quartz has an appealing uniformity (read more about quartz vs. quartzite here). As you’d imagine, the quartz color palette is, generally speaking, a more natural spectrum; with light whites, taupe, beige, deep grays and solid blacks.

When it comes to quartz patterning, it all depends on how coarsely or finely ground the initial quartz aggregate stone was. When quartz is finely ground it has a smooth, uniform appearance. In contrast, when the stone is coarsely ground it gives off a more speckled look often with highly reflective shiny flecks and greater range from slab to slab.

Quartz costs

Quite possibly the most exciting aspect of our EVOLVE collection is its affordability! Quartz is a bit more affordable than aesthetically comparable quality granite or marble; generally costing between $60 and $150 per square foot installed. Commonly, price varies depending on color and configurations. But now with our in stock collection we have put the price advantage to our client by selling material by the square foot rather than the slab. (see direct importing blog)

Quartz uses

Because quartz is a strong, natural looking, resilient material, it’s perfect for countertops, backsplashes, walls, floors or even integrated sinks and shower pans. Many customers love the look of marbles such as Statuary or Calacatta but don’t feel comfortable to put Marble in their kitchens because of its higher maintenance, softness, reactiveness, and associated costs. Fortunately, quartz comes in very similar colors and styles (like EVOLVE’s Bianco Oro, Bianco Azul, Harmony and Swiss Peaks) allowing customers to achieve the marble looks that they want with total confidence.


Finally, we’re proud to introduce Tithof EVOLVE Quartz Collection