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Granite is an igneous rock, formed millions of years ago deep in the earth’s crust. Granite consists of different proportions of feldspar and quartz and is commonly used as a countertop surface due to its’ tight pores. Granite is 100% natural and is among the most popular materials for kitchen countertops because of it durability and natural beauty. Granite will last for a lifetime and can be used though-out the home in such places as fireplace surrounds and bathrooms. Every granite slab is one of a kind and provides limitless color options for you home.


Marble is a metamorphic limestone. When limestone is heated and has pressure applied its composition changes. It is softer than granite and more porous. This stone is among the most elegant and luxurious of stones. Marble’s beauty will last for generations and is versatile enough for use throughout the home in such places as fireplace surrounds, ornamental furnishings, walls, flooring, and bathrooms. Marble especially stands out in the bath. It can be applied on almost every surface, including vanities, shower walls, tub decks and flooring.

Given that marble is more susceptible to staining by many foods, spilled liquids and other household materials, we do not recommend their use for kitchen countertops. Softer and more porous than granite, marble is more suitable for less-trafficked, formal areas.


Quartzite is a naturally occurring metamorphic rock. It is created when sandstone is subjected to extreme heat and pressure caused by tectonic plate compression in the crust of the earth. The stone is mined and sawn into slabs which are later precisely cut to become countertops. The tops are polished and sealed for beauty and durability. Natural quartzite has the look of marble but acts like granite in durability. The veining in the stone varies from slab to slab. No two slabs are exactly the same. It gives your kitchen or bathroom a customized and elegant look that’s always high-end.

If you love stone, natural quartzite is a good choice for you. The neutral colors complement any design. The veining creates elegant movement. It is a luxurious and durable stone for upscale-elegance that isn’t matched by any other stone countertop.

Engineered Quartz

Quartz is a metamorphic rock that has been formed from sandstone. Quartz is one of the strongest materials on the planet and is engineered, meaning a manufacturing plant fabricates it from natural silicon dioxide and synthetic materials. Loose quartz makes up about 93 percent of the material. It is blended with a binder and pigment and formed into countertops. Many people have a new interest in quartz because Quartz surfacing is non-porous and doesn’t require any sealing. A non-porous material is a huge benefit because that means you don’t need to worry about bacteria and other germs growing in any nooks and crannies. Quartz is incredibly easy to clean and maintain and colors are uniform. What you see in the showroom or from a sample is typically what you can expect to see in your home.

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